Mr Chimanlal L Lodhiya

A visionary businessman, based at Rajkot, Gujarat has over three decades of diverse experience in various areasof business strategy and implementation, risk, finance and regulatory frameworks. His expertise ranges across precious metals&construction & development activities. His business acumen also extends to building successful relationships with various market participants from clients, international as well as domestic suppliers and bankers as well.

Mr Kaushik C Lodhiya

based at Rajkot, Gujarat is one of the leading jewellery manufacturers & dealers in India, offering wholesale & retail delivery of gold bars, coins & catering majority of requirements to domestic users i.e. ornament manufacturers, goldsmiths, jewellers and semi-wholesalers over more than two decades. Having a deep industry experience, identifying opportunities as well as risks, he has successfully transformed precious metals business over the years and created a platform for product development and sustainable growth to achieve successful scale in business.